Bucket list 2015

  1. Live free. (Update – Still fails to define ‘FREE’ till today.)
  2. Push physical limits, stay as fit as possible for at least 30 days. (Update)
  3. Draw something everyday for 30 days. (Update – Okay result. Didn’t draw for continuous 30 days but picked up oil painting and did many pages of sketches.)
  4. Learn 2 new words everyday for  at least 30 days continuously. (Update – Failed this miserably, totally forgot about this goal.)
  5. Pick up on one programming language (and build something cool). (Update – Failed. Went thru a few online courses and that’s about it. Nothing meaningful is built.)
  6. Study and write 30 KLSE-company analysis in 60 days. (Update – Studied a few, made some bucks, but never exceed 10. Failed.)
  7. Learn the Egoscure Method and help mom solves her back/leg pain. (Update – FAILED! Book also haven’t finish reading. Luckily mom’s situation is much better today thru rehab and various exercise.)

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