Business idea #1: Conteng is art

Business type –

  • Consumable content
  • Blog focus in art niche

How it works

  • 2 – 3 in house bloggers posting on art topic, mainly on manga, graffiti, doodle, sketch books, etc. Conteng in Malay means ‘doodling’.
  • Specifically focus on content that has potential to go viral – time lapse videos, “how the fuck they did it” type of videos, cool urban graffiti, Banksy’s work sort of things, and so on.
  • Think the art-version of
  • Writers’ research and web writing skills are crucial.

Marketing –

  • Facebook – build fans, link baiting post – the usual.
  • Long tail keywords SEO could be a good idea as there would be very little competition for the artists’ name.
  • Pinterest might not be a very good platform in this case (though image oriented) as target audience would be manga geeks and comics fans.
  • Collect emails for future usage.

Investment –

  • Mainly on writers and Facebook ad – definitely not more than $1,000/mo.
  • Would not spend more than $3,000 or more than 4 months work time on this if it doesn’t work.
  • Will need to look carefully on Spending per impression (SPM) and earning per impression (EPM) as soon as the site is bringing in sufficient traffics. As long as EPM is higher than SPM then we should keep boosting ads on Facebook (and perhaps Twitter Ad).

Monetisation –

  • Google Adsense
  • Artist (Etsy?) listing
  • T-shirt sales (if site branding is good and building up fans)

Other thoughts –

  • I’ve been holding for sometime. Thought of doing this as a sideway project but never really launch anything so far.
  • Mix this with recent Facebook’s viral phenomenon it’d have some good chance to success.
  • Not very sure how Google Adsense works these days – further studies needed on rules and users’ click trends.
  • Hobbyist and less popular artists would welcome the free publicity; others who already have large following on social media might not like their work being used on the blog.

Featured image credit: Kerby Rosanes

P/S: An idea is like a seed. Without the soil of hard work and dedication it will never sprout. Feel free to take whatever – if there’s anything useful – you want from my idea bank. I’d be glad if they help anyone who read this to start a business and change people’s life.

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