Business Idea #3:

Business Type –

  • Helpful resources for bloggers.
  • Organised, consumable content.

How it works –

  • Put up list of how you can pull in more traffics to your blog.
  • Allow users to comment and discuss on each strategies/tactics.
  • Build supporting content (or link to relevant content online) for some of the points.
  • Allow users to sort list according to costs, Google penalty risks, delivery time frame, type of promotions (SMM, SEO, word of mouth, etc), and so on.

Marketing –

  • Bloggers reach out.
  • Guest posting.
  • Existing newsletter subscribers.
  • Infographic.
  • Forum posting.
  • The site should pretty much market itself if it’s well-designed and helpful.

Investment –

  • Time for research and developing the site.

Monetisation –

  • Affiliate sales and advert listing.
  • Collect emails and fans – data good for further analysis in blogging niche – which can be used for writings.
  • Traffic leak to WHSR or other supporting content to collect emails.

Thoughts –

  • Not every blogger would appreciate this – especially those who are in the same playing field.
  • Don’t think you can make money directly out of this; but it’s still cool though as it can help bloggers for real.
  • The list in making here, I will get this done this year.

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