(I obviously do not own this picture.)
(I obviously do not own this picture.)

Cynic me:”Sghh… another education film about race harmony and cross-boundary love.”

Optimist me:”Nothing wrong with the positive message. Besides it’s good entertainment!”

Cynic me:”Yada yada yada… And the hero saves the day and they live happily ever-after… yada yada yada.”

Optimist me:”Your son enjoyed it very much. YOU enjoyed it.”

Cynic me:”Yeah… Disney should convince us that unicorn exist and live in an island named Alantis.”

Optimist me:”Hahaha… perhaps. Why can’t you be a little more positive and enjoy life?”

Cynic me:”Why? Because the reality surrounding us is NOT enjoyable. And people think they can change that with some positive messages in cartoon. Com’on – the earlier we let our kids see the real world the better.”

Optimist me:”It’s. Just. A. Movie.”

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  1. Heya soufulow,

    Can’t find your email/contact so I will just leave a comment here.

    Thanks for your good blog content and also AhYap ones. Sorry for off topic, but I can’t find any of AhYap email/contact information on the internet now.

    I am sad that Ahyap blog is no longer accessible, I’ve been reading it since 10 years ago and his article really changed my way of thinking (thus life) profoundly. I would like to express my gratitude to him although I never saw him in real life, would really appreciate if you can pass this message to him since I think you two are really good friend ?.


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