Bucket list #2: Stay as fit as possible for 30 days

This is part of a series post that I started early 2015. You can read the other inputs of my bucket list here.

Why do so?

Stronger and healthier body, better basketball game, and for fun.

The plan

I thought setting an end goal wouldn’t be helpful at all. After all experts said the best way to hack (and to sustain) any sort of growth is to focus on the system. So what I did was tweaking my life and changing my habits instead of putting up a “lose X kg of weight” or “grow X kg of muscles” in 30 days.

To do this, I considering my lifestyle thoroughly and set five simple rules/exercise routines  –

  • Kettlebell swings – 75/100/125 rep  x 3 times per week
  • 90 sec air bench + 60 sec plank – (2+3) x 4 times per week
  • Jog/cycle/basketball – 4 times per week
  • No calorie drinks (anything with sugar in it) for 30 days
  • No white food (noodles, bread, rice) after 18:00

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Bucket list 2015

  1. Live free. (Update – Still fails to define ‘FREE’ till today.)
  2. Push physical limits, stay as fit as possible for at least 30 days. (Update)
  3. Draw something everyday for 30 days. (Update – Okay result. Didn’t draw for continuous 30 days but picked up oil painting and did many pages of sketches.)
  4. Learn 2 new words everyday for  at least 30 days continuously. (Update – Failed this miserably, totally forgot about this goal.)
  5. Pick up on one programming language (and build something cool). (Update – Failed. Went thru a few online courses and that’s about it. Nothing meaningful is built.)
  6. Study and write 30 KLSE-company analysis in 60 days. (Update – Studied a few, made some bucks, but never exceed 10. Failed.)
  7. Learn the Egoscure Method and help mom solves her back/leg pain. (Update – FAILED! Book also haven’t finish reading. Luckily mom’s situation is much better today thru rehab and various exercise.)

10 money lessons I wish my children will learn

Sadly there were very little taught about money during my school time and most info I learned about money when I was a kid was misleading and incorrect.

I do not mean that I am done learning (no way!) by writing this post; nor do I think I am 100% right. It’s just that it took me a long way to unlearn and relearn lots of things about money and since I’m an expecting father now so I guess it’s good to lay out some keynotes I learned about money – hopefully one day my children can benefit from this. I lived decades without knowing money really is and still think about “how nice would it be if someone can tell me this earlier!” now; I don’t want my children to have such regrets.

So kid, here come some lectures.

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Do you a need new SEO plan for HTML5?

HTML5 is not officially released yet but we are already seeing plenty of early adapters these days. There are plenty of viral blogposts trumpeting how ‘cool’ your websites can be with HTML5 (like this one, for example) but I don’t see many that talks on the impact HTML5 will do on search engines and SEO. To proceed, we need to first understand how HTML5 might change the way search engines look at a web page.

How HTML5 improves search engine’s understanding of the web?

Apart from being concise and able to create cool on-page visual stuffs, HTML5 improves communication between a web page and the machines (search engines, in our case).

New element in HTML5

First we have bunch of new elements like <aside>, <article>, <hgroup>, <footer>, etc in HTML5 that will help search engines to have better understanding on webpages’ segmentation*; which in turn, allow search engines to decide where to look for the main content and spending less resources in indexing less-important sections like footer and advertisement.

(*Side note: It’s no secret that Google can already do this for a lot of websites (blog especially) nowadays but it definitely will do better with the help of HTML5.)

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